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We build, connect, and simplify systems for nonprofits — with technologies used and trusted by organizations worldwide.

The most compelling part about working with nonprofits is learning about the work they do, their motivations, and accomplishments. We believe that every nonprofit has a story to tell. These stories, and the power to share them more broadly, are at the heart of the work we do.

In finding better ways for an established association to connect with its affiliates, or helping a nascent nonprofit get up and running with a simple (yet powerful) website, our resolve is to help organizations build stronger communities and a more just world.

Who we are

effortlessorg is an initiative of Kilakwa Associates

Kilakwa Associates was established in 1995 to assist nonprofits with emerging technology and, as those technologies advanced, to support the systems and people using them.

Kilakwa Associates


Get the most from your WordPress website, CiviCRM, Google Workspace.

See what your nonprofit can do — view outcomes.

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effortless communication, collaboration, and connection

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Based in northeastern New York.

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