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Cause-driven strategies + technology built for nonprofits

The need to “work from anywhere” has been a constant for nonprofits. Whether a large organization with affiliates spread around the globe, or a small network of volunteers without a centralized office, the successful nonprofit has always found ways to connect and collaborate. From filing cabinets and phone calls, to cloud storage and social networks, these processes have become both more powerful and more complex.

Our cause-driven strategies, plus technology built for nonprofits, work to simplify these systems – for effortless communication, collaboration, and connection!

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How we help

  • Planning and technology selection

  • Remote workspace configuration

  • Data collection and management (CRM)

  • Website design (CMS)

  • Online training and certification tools (LMS)

  • Software, system, and user support

  • WordPress websites + CiviCRM

  • Google Workspace Integration

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Who we help

  • Arts Organizations

  • Children & Family Services

  • Education Foundations

  • Environmental Initiatives

  • Mental Health Associations

  • People with Disabilities Advocacy Groups

  • Political Action & Policy Makers

  • Religious & Spiritual Centers

  • Senior Service Organizations

  • State & Local Agencies

  • …and more

Be effortless!

Get the most from your WordPress website, CiviCRM, Google Workspace.
We build, connect, and simplify systems for nonprofits — with technologies used and trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.